Fund investments

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Reliable income, Stability and professional management

Risk adjusted returns and diversification

Stable income generation

Stable income generation

Investments in debt funds provide a steady stream of income through regular payments, offering more stability compared to investing in single assets. These funds are ideal for investors seeking consistent returns with lower risk.

Stable income generation

Enhanced portfolio growth

Equity funds offer significant growth potential by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks, outperforming individual stock investments on a risk reward basis.

Stable income generation

Experienced management

Fund investments benefit from the expertise of handpicked fund managers with proven track records. These professional managers actively manage the portfolio to maximize returns, navigating market complexities and adjusting strategies effectively, providing a significant advantage over managing single asset investments on your own.

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AIMS diversified investment fund

Fund Private Equity Property
Fund of Funds approach, spreading investments across listed equities, listed REITs, listed securities, property

AIMS growth opportunity fund

Fund Venture Capital
The Fund focuses on late-stage growth capital and small to mid-cap private equity

AIMS securities investment fund

Fund Diversified
The Fund offers diversified exposure to high-growth sectors like technology, renewable energy, and medical fields, targeting long-term capital growth.

AIMS total return fund

Fund Property
Invest in Australian commercial properties, property-related securities, corporate bonds, and equities in Real Estate Operating Companies.

AIMS capital growth income fund

Fund Property
The Fund focus is on Asia-Pacific REITs and property securities in logistics, warehousing, cold chain, and data centers.

AIMS commerical mortgage fund

Fund Property
The AIMS Commercial mortgage fund is an unlisted investment scheme in Australia, focusing on mortgages, money market, and fixed interest securities.